Why Use a Roof Coating?


Since roof coatings are such a new and foreign roofing system to so many building owners, they often ask themselves why they should use a roof coating? What is the true benefit of installing a roof coating on your building? What are the risks and drawbacks associated with a roof coating? Let’s look at why so many building owners choose to use a roof coating on their roof.

It Makes Economic Sense

The choice to use a roof coating on your roof is certainly an economically wise choice. First of all, a roof coating costs about half as much as a roof replacement, and is significantly less expensive than installing a second roof over top of your existing roof. Choosing to use a roof coating instead of replacing your roof is a choice that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. On top of this, roof coatings, typically include warranties that protect you from future expenditures on your roof. Over the course of it’s life, a roof coating will save you significantly more money than it costs, which is a great reason to use a roof coating.

In addition to the savings provided by the use of a roof coating up-front, roof coatings also often come with tax benefits. Since the choice to use a roof coating is classified as an expense, it can be written off 100% in the year it is installed, which can save you a load of money on your taxes.

use a roof coating

A roof coating is just one aspect of going green in your building.

Use a Roof Coating to Go Green

Roof coatings are a green roofing system for a few different reasons. First, they prevent roof tear-off, both when they are installed, and when they reach the end of their life and are recoated. They can prevent thousands of pounds of roofing material from ending up in landfills by eliminating the need for tear-off. Second, roof coatings are reflective, which means they reduce the amount of energy your building uses, as well as they reduce the urban heat island effect in large cities. The green benefits is a main reason many building owners choose to use a roof coating.

They Outperform Most Other Roofs

Roof coatings are easier to install than every other roofing system on the market. Simply powerwash the roof, repair any failing penetrations, and then install the coating. It really is that easy. Roof coatings have been carefully engineered over the last several decades, and have made significantly more progress than other roofing systems at improving themselves. On top of the easy installation, roof coatings also lack seams, which is the most common place for other roof systems to fail. No seams means fewer failures on a roof that has been coated.


Choosing to use a roof coating on your building can still be seen by many as a strange or scary choice, but it really shouldn’t be. Roof coatings offer serious benefits to building owners, they have been carefully developed over the last few decades, and while their track record is shorter than other roofing systems, it is also much, much cleaner. Use a roof coating on your roof to save money and receive serious benefits.

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