When Roof Replacement is Necessary


Now what are you going to do to replace your roof? You’ve evaluated all your options, and despite your desires to avoid tearing off your roof, you’re going to have to do just that. Are you going to completely tear off the existing roof and install a new roofing system in its place? Or are you willing to explore some newer, more environmentally friendly options? Let’s look at why tearing off your old roof isn’t a great option and why a silicone roof coating may be your new best friend.

Roof replacement

As you can see, roof tear-off is a very involved process. Avoid it if possible.

Tearing Off a Roof is Expensive

If you have a roof that is leaking and is beyond simple repairs, it may be time to attack the roof full force and replace it. This is a decision most building owners are reluctant to make because it is extremely costly, it is very time consuming, and it exposes their building to the elements while the roof is being worked on. It is plain to see why most building owners put off roof replacement for months or even years, it’s a pain!

Is Restoring the Roof Your Answer?

There is a new alternative to roof tear-off that many in the industry still don’t even know exists: Silicone roof coating restoration. Our roofing system is a great alternative to roof tear-off, and provides nearly every benefit of complete roof tear-off and replacement, for a fraction of the cost.

With a silicone roof coating, all that is required on most projects is to clean your existing roof. Your roof could be out of warranty and covered in leaks; all you have to do is power wash the surface of the roof, make any repairs that reduce the structural integrity of the building, and then spray-apply a new silicone roof coating directly to the roof surface. This new coating provides you with a leak-free warranty for a term of up to twenty years.


Silicone roof coating restoration can be a major money-saving tool for you and your building, while also improving your roof’s performance. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about this system and how it can help you.

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