Wet Insulation Can Hamper Roof Performance


If you make a repair on your roof and find that you have large amounts of wet insulation, that is an obvious problem for your roof. Wet insulation doesn’t perform as well, weighs down your roof which can lead to sagging and other problems, and is a major pain to remove. Overall, wet insulation is a big problem for your roof. It is also a problem that can be worsened if you install a silicone roof coating over top of it. Let’s look at why we insulation is such a problem and why you’ll want to avoid a silicone coating if you have wet insulation.

Not the Right Fit

First of all, you might be surprised that a silicone manufacture would tell you situations in which you shouldn’t install their coating, but that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve built our business on a good reputation and satisfied customers who tell their friends and colleagues about us. That’s the way we’ll continue to build it. So, if there’s an application that isn’t a good fit for our material, you better believe we’ll tell you. We want our customers to be happy, not duped and disappointed by our product.

wet insulation

Roof Vents can be installed to allow the evacuation of roof moisture.

A Moisture Barrier

One of the greatest strengths of our silicone coatings are that they are moisture-cured, which means that once they are cured, they don’t adsorb any more moisture (i.e. ponding water isn’t an issue) and they also don’t allow any moisture to slowly work it’s way through the coating into the building.

However, this also means that any moisture in the existing roof, such as in the insulation, won’t be able to escape through the coating. So, if you have a little bit of wet insulation, you can peel back the existing roof, remove the wet, and replace it with new insulation. However, if your entire roof is covered in wet insulation, you’re not going to want to remove all your roof and replace all or close to all of your insulation. You’ll end up negating the very feature our coatings are great at: eliminating the need for tear off.


We want you to be happy with whatever product or service we provide for you. That’s why if your roof isn’t a good fit for our material, we’ll tell you. We’ll recommend another system over ours if it means you’ll get something that actually works for you. If you’re going to have to tear off most of your roof to replace wet insulation anyways, our system isn’t going to save you much money since tear off is where we make an impact. If you’d like to find out if your roof is a good fit for our system or if we can help you find a better system, email us or give us a call today.

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