Using a New Product to Save Big Money

From Progressive Materials:

The newest, most significant roofing innovation from the last 20 years is undoubtedly silicone roof coatings. No other innovation has gained the notariety, market share, and attention that silicone roof coatings have. Attend any industry tradeshow and compare the number of silicone coating manufacturers to the number who attended 5 years ago, and you’ll notice a major increase. Why are these coatings taking off so rapidly? The main reason is that building owners love saving money, and they can do that easily with a silicone roof restoration. Silicone roof coatings allows saving money with roof restorations in three major ways.

Saving Money at Installation

Silicone roof coatings first save you money when you install the roof restoration material. The material itself is less expensive than traditional roofing systems, and the installation process is faster and less expensive as well. A tear-off and replacement might take 10 guys, while a silicone restoration can often be completed with only 2-3 crew members. Eliminating the need for tear-off, which eliminates the need for dumpsters and speeds up the installation process, is a major cost savings. You also spend less on labor as the projects are completed with fewer workers in less time.

saving money with roof restorations
Silicone roof coatings reflect significantly more UV rays than a traditional roofing system.

Saving Money with Reflectivity

Once installed, silicone roof coatings a saving money for building owners through their reflectivity. One a 90 degree day, a traditional roof can get up to 150 degrees or higher. This heat permeates the roof, enters the building, and causes the AC to run longer and harder. A reflective roof coating on that same 90 degree day will sit at 95 degrees or less. Minimizing the amount of heat transferred into the building eases the strain on your AC unit and keeps your building cooler without spending costs on energy. In addition to the day-to-day savings of not running your AC, you also extend the life of your units by reducing the amount they are used.

Saving Money with a Longer Life

Finally, as it approaches the end of its life, the silicone roof coating has one more benefit. Even when the warranty period is up, you don’t have to tear the roof off now. Silicone roof coatings prevent tear-off – indefinitely. You can recoat silicone roof coatings to extend the life of the silicone and further extend the life of the roof. If the building remains in good structural condition, you can keep the existing roof as long as you still have silicone on the roof.


Silicone roof coatings are taking the commercial roofing market by storm. This is primarily because they are saving money for building owners and property managers in a number of ways. They are a carefree, effective system that costs less than traditional roofing, what’s not to love?

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