Top Five Commercial Roofing Mistakes

Perhaps your building’s roof has had multiple leaks that have been repaired, but now you’re experiencing more leaking! You have probably reached a point where it’s more cost-effective (and necessary!) to get a totally new roof.

We know, a new roof is expensive, so you don’t want there to be any mistakes made in the process. In order to avoid these, let’s talk about the most frequently seen mistakes: 

Not Considering Lifetime Costs

You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”? That certainly applies to commercial building roofs. When you opt for a cheaper roofing system upfront, you may end up paying much more in the long run. Single-ply roofing systems may be cheaper and only last for 10 years, prompting replacements every 10 years. However, there are more expensive (upfront) systems that will last for 20+ years. These will, most likely, be cheaper in the long run due to a longer life. A bit of research can help you determine what is best for your specific situation so you can get the best deal possible. 

Disregarding Energy Savings

Having a “cool” roof could save you anywhere from 15-30% on energy costs every month. This can add up really quickly, saving you thousands over the years. “Cool” roofs are typically white or gray, with much more reflectivity than black roofs. 

Not Worrying About Leak Probabilities

There are two common areas where water will usually first enter your commercial building. These are the penetrations and seams. Both allow water to seep through easily, so opting for a roofing system like spray foam single layer can provide significant protection because of its closed-cell properties. When spray foam cracks or gets a small hole, water stays confined to that area and will not travel horizontally to saturate the insulation. 

Sticking to What is Familiar

Yes, change is hard. We’re naturally resistant to it, and it makes us uncomfortable. Changing up your routine or your beliefs is difficult, and we know that. Believe it or not, many commercial building owners have their own long-held feelings about their roofing systems and prefer to stick with what they know. For example, if a building has always had a tar and gravel roof, the owner may think it should always have one, even if it’s leaking everywhere. However, that’s not necessarily true. There may be something much better available. These include:

  • EPDM
  • Gravel Built-Up
  • Metal
  • Spray Foam
  • TPO

Not Taking the Environment into Consideration

We’re aware that doing what’s best for the environment isn’t always the cheapest route. However, spray foam roofs have the ability to help your bottom line and the environment simultaneously! Seriously!

Spray foam roofs are installed over the current roof, which means there is no tear-off that needs to occur. With no tear-off comes no trips to the dump and no excess waste. Other roofing systems require a total tear-off, meaning all of the materials head to the dump. This is not only more labor time to pay for, but also more waste. Spray foam roofing is a win-win in this regard.

Consider all of these factors prior to making any decisions about your new commercial roofing system and give us a call today to discuss your options!

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