Single-Ply Roofs Aren’t Custom Made


Do you prefer to purchase things that are “cookie-cutter”, or custom-fitted for you? Whether we’re talking about clothes, a house, a car, or a roof, just about everyone likes to have a little bit of customization on things they own. Whether this means you repaint your house after purchasing it, or put bumper stickers on your car, everyone likes things to be a certain way. When it comes to roofing, it’s harder to get a customized product. However, there are roofing systems out there that are custom-designed for your exact building, and others that are not. Single-ply roofs are manufactured in a factory and every roll is identical, regardless of what your roof looks like. What is the problem with mass-produced roofing products?

Custom made roofs

Most traditional roof systems lead to large amounts of wasted material during installation (and later removal).

Non-Custom Roofs Lead to Waste

When a roofing product isn’t custom-made, it means that every piece has to be fitted to line up on the roof. If there is a skylight, a vent, or a drain, the material has to be cut to form a good seal around these features. Each time the material is cut, there is a little bit left over that cannot be used. These small amounts of waste around every roof feature add up and can lead to serious waste on the project. This means that material that you paid for to go on the roof is actually in the dumpster. Throwing money away like that is hard for most people to stomach.

Non-Custom Roof Take Longer

As we covered hereinstalling a single-ply roof can be slow. This is compounded when you have to custom-cut so many pieces of membrane to go around roof vents, drains, skylights, etc. Just rolling the material out takes a while, add in the customization that takes place on the roof, and now you’ve got a very slow process.


Installing a single-ply roof that isn’t custom made for the building it is being installed on means that your project will take longer and have more waste than a custom-made roof, such as a silicone coating. Call us today to learn more about a custom roofing solution for your building.

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