Single-Ply Roofing is Slow


With our rapid fire society that works at a break-neck pace, very few people are willing to wait for anything anymore. It’s hard to blame people for being impatient, that’s just the way our society is. When it comes to roofing, this fast-paced expectation holds true. Building owners and facility managers want their roofing project finished quickly, as they should. Their building is exposed, they don’t want it to be that way for a minute longer than it has to be. Contractors want to finish the installation quickly because time is money. The faster they work, the more money they make. So, if everyone wants their roofing project to go quickly, why install a roofing system that goes on slow? Single-ply takes much longer to install than a silicone coating. Let’s look at what makes single-ply installation so slow.

Single-Ply Installation Takes Time

single-ply installation

A roll of GAF single-ply roll being installed on a roof. Taken from their website.

Single-ply roofing membranes are typically manufactured in individual rolls. They are packaged in rolls to allow transportation and loading up on the roof. The problem with these rolls is they all have to be individually rolled out and individually fastened to the roof. This is a very time-consuming process, which no one wants to deal with. Rolling out each piece of single-ply membrane, fastening them down, and adhering this to one another can take a very long time.

A Good Seal Is a Process

When individual rolls of single-ply membrane come together on the surface of the roof, they have to be adhered together to ensure that the roof is waterproof. This can be done with fasteners, glue, a heat welder, or some other less common methods. As you do this, you have to move slowly to ensure that the seams get a proper seal. Again, this is a very time-consuming process. Heat welders move slowly, glue has to be very carefully applied, and everyone knows how difficult it can be to fasten something. Getting a good seal on the membrane can be a very slow process.


Single-ply roofs can offer good protection for your building, though their seams and fasteners concern us. However, even the best single-ply membranes still have to be installed, and that can be an extremely time-consuming process that not everyone is willing to undergo. If you’re looking for a faster solution, give us a call today.

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