Silicone is Seam Free – You’ll Love It


Perhaps the greatest benefit and advantage of installing a silicone roof coating on your building is that it provides you with a seam free membrane on your roof surface. This may not sound very special, but for us, we are passionate about seamless roofing systems. We know that seams cause the majority of problems for building owners, so by providing a seam free roof system we can make your life easier and your roof better.

seam free

Think seams can’t lead to leaks? Think again.

Seams = Leaks

This isn’t always true, but very often seams lead to leaks. They simply aren’t as strong as the field (the seamless area) of the roof. If you roll your roof out in sheets, it will be very predictable where leaks will occur: on the seams. Seams are simply a weak point that often leads to failure. They aren’t bonded together as well as the rest of the roof, and they are prone to cracking and tearing, leading to leaks. That’s why a seam free roof is better – fewer leaks.

Seams = Repairs

If you are fine with a roof system with leaks, then you better be prepared to make repairs to the roof that is leaking. Whether this means climbing up on the roof yourself and making the repairs, or hiring a contractor to do so, installing a roof system with seams is a surefire way to ensure you have to make repairs in the very near future.

Repairs not only take time and can be stressful, but they can also be very costly. They require you to either buy tools and materials or hire a contractor and pay them to work on the roof. Do you want a budget line item of repairs every single year? Probably not, so install a silicone coating and avoid these costly repairs.


Is installing a roof system with seams the end of the world, or going to lead you to a place where you’re making repairs every single day? No, but seams can be a headache and the problems they cause can be prevented by installing a system that has no seams; a silicone roof coating.

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