Set Yourself Up For Commercial Roofing Success

Dependable roofing on a home is a no-brainer, so why should your commercial building roof be any different?  Owning a business comes with its own set of challenges without having to worry about the safety of your professional building. Prompt preventative care and upkeep is the most important piece of ensuring your roof lasts for years to come. Here are some tips on indicators that you might need your roof worked on. 

Excess Water When it Rains

Check your roof regularly for buildup of excess water. This means clearing gutters of obstructions and keeping trees cut back so leaves can’t clog up areas of gutters and the roof. If excess water is allowed to accumulate and remain stagnant, serious damage can occur. It can cause the roof to begin to sag, causing it to become more prone to standing water in that area, which can result in a total collapse. Frequently checking for water buildup and damage is imperative to the long term health of your roof. 

The Presence of Moss

Check regularly for the appearance of moss on your rooftop. Moss can occur anytime of year, especially in humid areas like Mississippi. Damp moss can cause vulnerabilities on your roof that can damage your shingles and leave you susceptible to leaks. Roof moss prevention includes keeping your gutters and roof clear from the build up of debris, clear shady areas and invest in zinc strips. If moss does begin to appear, hose it off, bleach it or use zinc sulfate powder to eradicate it. Always be cautious when doing this, because bleach is a great deterrent for moss, but can be corrosive and cause discoloration to the roof. Wear protective gear and always be sure to dilute the bleach.  Zinc sulfate powder won’t cause damage to your roof, but it can be dangerous to nearby aquatic life with its runoff. The most important factor is taking care of the moss quickly because it moves fast and can be diffifult to remove if left too long.

Insulation Matters 

Roof insulation is responsible for the temperature regulation of your building. Proper insulation will save you money over the years on energy expenses. Your “R-Value” gauges how well your building insulation works. However, the needs of your building in particular are unique to you, so your R-Value may look completely different from your neighbor’s. With so many building insulation products out there, consulting with professionals is necessary in order to determine what your needs are. Proper roofing insulation can also help maintain the integrity of the roof by providing an added barrier between the roof of the building and the ceiling of the building.  

Contact Pro-Seal today to have your roof professionally evaluated and have your roofing concerns addressed. We can handle all of your commercial roofing needs, from repairs to replacements to installments, we can do it all. We’ll take care of your roof so you can focus on taking care of your business! 

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