Selecting a roofing system that has a shorter lifespan and a lower price tag is a commonly made decision, and we feel that it is not the correct one. Many building owners decide that they want to save some cash by installing a roof on their building that probably won’t last as long or perform as well, as long as they can save the money up front. The problem with this decision (mistake) is three-fold: it costs you money during the life of your roof, it is bad for the environment, and you’ll have to install a better roofing system eventually. Let’s look at each of these three issues in detail.

short-lived roofing systems
Short-lived roofing systems generally don’t provide the same benefits as longer lasting systems.

Short-Lived Roofing Systems Cost You Money During the Life of the Roof

Most shorter lifespan roofing systems don’t last as long because they aren’t manufactured as well. They deteriorate because they are thin, are poor material, or aren’t made well. All of these issues that contribute to a shorter lifespan also mean that the roof won’t perform well during its life. This means you’re going to spend more money repairing these short-lived roofing systems than you would on a better system. So, a portion of the money you saved at purchase and installation is now going to be spent on repairs.

Short Lifespans are Bad for the Environment

Roofing systems with short lifespans are also a problem for the environment. You must tear off the existing roof to install the new, short-lived roof. Then, in just a few years, you have to tear off the short-lived roof as well! This means in a span of 8-12 years, you are putting two roofing systems into the local landfill. This is wasteful and bad for the environment, and should be avoided if possible.

You Have to Replace the Roof Eventually

If you choose to install a short-lived roofing system to save money now, you’ll have to replace it with something before long. Are you going to choose another short-lived roofing system? Then you’re replacing your roof far too often, and will end up spending more money over time than you would have with a better roofing system.


Short-lived roofing systems rarely pay off in terms of financial savings. There are just too many problems with this strategy to make it effective. It’s worth saving for several years to afford a longer lasting roof. If the money isn’t in the budget, consider a silicone roof coating that is affordable and long lasting.
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