Roof Maintenance Contracts

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Roof Maintenance Contracts

As commercial building owner, you need to ask yourself – what is more practical? Replacing your roof once every ten or fifteen years or keep it in tact through ideal roof maintenance?

With an effective commercial roof maintenance program, you don’t really have to consider or even think about costly roof repairs or premature roof replacement.

An inspection and maintenance process done right by Pro-Seal will not only make sure you’re avoiding the heavy cost burden, it will also ensure that your roof gets maximum life. But more importantly, commercial roof maintenance increases a commercial roof’s chances of enduring, even longer than its expected life span.
All kinds of roof systems will have problems at some point. The most common issues are leaks, cracks, surface erosion, blisters, and weathering. Keep in mind that even the smallest leaks have the potential of resulting to more serious problems. So when those “small” leaks are left unaddressed, it may correspond to major problems and eventually, expensive roof replacements.

It makes perfect sense if you prevent those problems right before they actually happen. You get to save money, time, and effort. Obviously, the most important benefit is that you no longer have to contemplate on replacing your roof for more years to come.

Therefore, our roof maintenance services (covering MS, AL, LA, TN, FL and AR) provide the needed guarantee for longer roof life. We identify and document roof damage in the early stages, then diagnose and detail our plan to you, the customer, our plan to maintain your roof. As for you, the commercial building owner, the advantages are clear as the blue sky. Simply put, a great roof maintenance company corresponds to thousands of dollars of annual savings.

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If the need for roof maintenance is urgent, the same goes for the need to hire a capable commercial roofing company. A lot of building owners make the mistake of hiring typical roofing contractors who actually specialize on replacing roofing, but with Pro-Seal, we do roof coatings, rejuvenation and handle a specific maintenance program ideally built for commercial roofs. With a team composed of roofing professionals with years of experience and topmost level of skills, your roof is definitely in the right hands.

We take your roofing needs with utmost commitment and dedication to the best possible service. Our team of roofers carry with them skill levels that are comprehensive and technical. This means we don’t just handle your roof based on theory and in a book. We know how to handle maintenance issues – all of them, and that’s because of the extensive experience on the field.

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