Roof Coatings Outperform Most Other Systems


Roof coatings are a simple, inexpensive, and effective roofing system. Because they aren’t a standalone roof system, many people mistakenly seem to think that they aren’t a good roofing system. Yes, they need a surface to be applied to and can’t be installed on their own, but they still offer many benefits that completely outperform other roof systems. Read on to see how roof coatings outperform other roof systems in many different ways.

Roof coatings outperform other systems

Silicone roof coatings are one of the most easily installed roofing systems available.

Easy Installation

One way that roof coatings outperform other roofing systems is that they are extremely easy to install. Roof coatings can be applied directly to almost any existing roof after the roof has been cleaned and prepped. Roof coatings are installed by power washing the roof, making any repairs to failing penetrations, curbs, sheet metal details, etc., and then installing the coating directly to the roof. The coating can be sprayed on or rolled on, providing more benefit to the contractor that they can install the coating how they see fit. They aren’t stuck with only one method.

Longer Life

Roof coatings are designed to last for an extremely long time. They aren’t inexpensive because they are a short-lived roof system, quite the opposite. Silicone roof coatings are designed to last over 20 years after the first application. That’s a pretty long time. The real beauty comes in, however, when the first coat reaches the end of it’s life; you don’t have to tear the old roof off or remove the coating before making any changes, simply install another coat of the silicone roof coating directly over top of the existing coating in what is called a recoat. When you recoat, you get 15-20 more useful years out of your roof with minimal labor and financial investment.


Finally, roof coatings outperform other roofing systems because they lack seams and therefore lack the most common point of failure on a roof. Leaking is a major problem for roofs with seams because the seams can often pull apart. However, silicone roof coatings are spray applied directly to the roof and form a completely monolithic roof surface when applied. This means your roof leaks less and you sleep better.


There are many different ways in which roof coatings outperform other roof systems, above are just a few ways that they do. If you’d like to learn more about these benefits or the other benefits of roof coatings, give us a call today.

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