Renew Your Old Roof with Silicone Coatings


One of the most time-consuming and energy-draining projects you’ll ever undertake as a building owner is to replace your roof. Tearing out your old roof and replacing it with a new one is a lengthy process that can give you gray hair if you’re not careful. If this is such a hard process, why do some many building owners elect to replace their roof in traditional fashion? The main reason is that they aren’t aware of silicone coatings and the fact that they can renew their old roof. If they do know that coatings are available, many people are unsure of whether or not they work. Coatings are a fairly new product and don’t have the history that other roofing systems do. However, in their lifespan, roof coatings have already proven that the provide great protection and are a good roofing system.

Renew your old roof

Tear-off takes time and is expensive. The more of it you do, the more money required.

Avoid Tear-Off When You Renew Your Old Roof

When you use a silicone coating to renew your old roof, you can skip the roof tear-off step altogether. Silicone roof coatings can adhere to nearly any roof system, so you don’t have to tear the existing roof off. Simply clean the existing roof and install the silicone coating right over top of it. This saves you time, money, and helps keep waste out of landfills.

Extend Roof Life

Silicone coatings also extend the life of your roofing system. They provide complete protection from the elements, including the sun and wind. Your roofing system won’t break down as it can when it’s exposed to the elements, so as long as you maintain the roof coating you can expect the roof to last a long time.


Don’t worry about replacing your old roof, renew it with a silicone coating! You can save time and money by eliminating tear-off, reducing waste, and extending the life of your existing roof. Call us today if you’d like to learn more about how you can renew your old roof.

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