Reduce Installation Duration with Roof Coatings


When you switch from your current roofing system to a silicone restoration system, you can’t help but move faster. There just aren’t too many roofing system available that can be more quickly installed than a silicone roof coating. What does this mean for you and your customers? It means your jobs are completed faster, which saves everyone money and keeps everyone happy. Very few contractors want to work on the same roof for 5 months, and very few building owners want construction crews on their roofs for 5 months. The remedy? A silicone roof coating that can reduce installation time. How does a silicone roof coating reduce the amount of time you spend on the roof?

reduce installation duration

Silicone roof coatings are applied directly to the roof surface with no need for a primer in most cases.

No Primer Required

In 95% of the cases our coatings are applied, no primer is necessary. How? We have developed a coating that is extremely tenacious and can adhere to almost any roof surface. What this means for you is you get a great roof in less time. An acrylic coating that requires a primer will take nearly twice as long as a silicone coating that doesn’t. Instead of coating the roof once, you have to prime it and then coat it with acrylic (not to mention you also have to apply two coats of acrylic).

Only One Coat Will Reduce Installation Duration

As we touched on above, acrylic coatings require a primer, and then two coats of material. This means they have to cover the entire roof surface three times. Our material doesn’t require two coats. In fact, our coating can often restore a roof in only one coat, thanks to its high-build properties. The ability to restore a roof in only one pass, rather than three, saves serious time, which saves serious money.

Less Prep Work

Silicone roof coatings, or roof coatings in general, require some roof surface prep, but not nearly as much as other roofing systems. The decrease in prep work means the project goes more quickly than others. A roof coating typically only needs a tube of caulk and possibly some reinforcing fabric to prep the roof.

No Tear-Off

Perhaps the most significant way roof coatings reduce time spent during installation is by eliminating the need for roof tear-off. Other systems require you to tear-off the old roof system before installing the new one. However, roof coatings are applied directly to the existing roof with no need for tear-off. Another great way to save money by reducing installation duration.


Choosing to use a roof coating on your home will reduce the amount of time you spend installing the new system, which keeps your occupants happy and will save you money. There are other installation benefits to silicone roof coatings not covered here; give us a call to learn about them.

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