Ponding Water Resistance is a Huge Benefit of Silicone


Almost every single flat roof that has ever been installed has had, to some degree, the same problem: ponding water. Somewhere on the roof, there will be a place where the slope isn’t exactly right, and that spot will sag or have an incline rather than a decline. This leads to an area where water will gather after it rains and leads to ponding water. Let’s look at problems surrounding ponding water and how you can fix it.

Benefits of silicone

Is ponding water causing leaks in your roof? Our coating can help

Issues with Ponding Water

The biggest issue associated with ponding wateron your roof is that it’s a vicious cycle once it’s there. Ponding water causes the roof to sag, which creates more of a pool for ponding water together, which leads to more sagging. It is a problem that gets worse as it gets worse.

Another problem, a side effect caused by ponding water, is that the ponding water will generally lead to leaks on your roof if it sits there long enough. All that water is sitting on your roof, and it is constantly trying to find its way to the ground thanks to gravity. This means if there are any holes in your roof, no matter how small, the water will find the hole and work its way through it into your building.

How to Resist Ponding Water

The most effective way to resist ponding water is to correct the slope of your roof so that it doesn’t come back. However, if you can’t or don’t want to pay to have your roof re-sloped, a silicone roof coating is a great way to resist ponding water on a budget. The ability to resist ponding water is a huge benefit of silicone as a roofing system. Silicone is a moisture-cured material, meaning once it’s cured it cannot absorb anymore water, so the ponding water won’t break down silicone as it can with other materials.

Speaking of other materials, acrylic roof coatings are a type of coating that CANNOT resist ponding water. If an acrylic coating is exposed to ponding water, you can expect it to deteriorate, crack, and peel up from the substrate within two years. What a waste!


Ponding water is a problem that almost every building owner faces. Will you pay to fix your roof, or choose the inexpensive solution that can resist ponding water indefinitely?

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