Pointers On What To Do With Your Roof When Reopening Your Business

In the months that have passed since Coronavirus took its hold on the U.S., businesses small and large alike have either had to close their doors for an extended amount of time, or, in some cases, have had to close permanently. For those business owners who were fortunate enough to make it through that “first wave”, they are now dealing with the fragile reality that they can open their doors to customers once again, albeit with restrictions in place. Additionally, for those who have had to put their routine roof inspections and maintenance on hold due to budget constraints or other factors, this article is meant to give you some pointers as you return to a somewhat more normal schedule.

Suggestions For Secure, Dedicated Roof Upkeep

Following these suggestions can lead to extended life of your roof’s water deflection systems:

  1. Check Inside First: To help yourself stay on top of avoiding major water damage, look for signs within your business. Discolored ceilings, yellowish streaks on the wall, and smells of mold can all be clues a leak is somewhere embedded in your roofing system. If these clues, or any other water-based clues are found, call a roofing company immediately.
  2. Notice The Obvious: After checking the interior of your business for water disturbance, the exterior of your roof should be the next stop. Since most businesses have a flat roof, or at least a portion of flat surface on their roof, we will give advice here based on a flat roof. Scan the perimeter of your roof closely, making sure to specifically inspect penetrations and seams, the most obvious places for water to find its way in. This type of routine check is even more important if you have had to delay inspections due to Coronavirus.
  3. Clear The Whole Surface: Much like you would at your private residence, it is important to make sure there are no excess items on your business’s roof, such as dirt, rocks, etc. Make sure to check the gutters and downspouts as well, as these can clog quickly after a long absence of inspections.
  4. Call A Pro: After you have completed your initial personal inspection, it is always wise to call a roofing specialist to come to your business for a detailed inspection. A roofing maintenance pro should come to your business at least twice a year for general inspections. Spring and Fall make the most sense for these inspections, and since many businesses had to skip their Spring inspection, it is more important than ever to get an appointment set up.

We Are Here For You

Because roofs and roofing inspections are such an important factor in our everyday lives, we have continued to work and help out businesses during the pandemic. There have even been cases where we have completed inspections for business owners who were working from home, but they still wanted the roof on their business to be taken care of.

We here at Pro-Seal will continue to follow proper safety guidelines as we help our businesses and communities to get up and running again.

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