How Silicone Beats Acrylic Coatings

SILICONE FAR OUTPERFORMS ACRYLIC When it comes to roof coatings, silicone and acrylic coatings really shouldn’t be compared. Sure, they are both liquid-applied roofing systems, but that’s where the comparisons stop. From

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When Silicone Works Best

THE PRIME SITUATIONS IN WHICH SILICONE WORKS BEST There are several common situations in which silicone works best and saves the building owner a significant amount of money. These situations are our sweet spot and are

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Install a Green Roof

A TRULY GREEN ROOF IS VERY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Are you looking for a green roof to help reduce your carbon footprint? Installing a green roof system on your building that contains actual plant

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Recycled Insulation Can Help the Environment

FIBERGLASS INSULATION ISN’T THE MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY OPTION AVAILABLE Most commercial and residential buildings standing today use fiberglass insulation to keep their building warm. It has become accepted as the industry

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