Cool Your Building Down

UTILIZE SILICONE ROOF COATINGS TO COOL YOUR BUILDING DOWN When your roof absorbs heat from the atmosphere, it transfers that heat to the inside of your building and heats up

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Stopping Roof Leaks with Silicone

SILICONE CAN HELP YOU STOP ROOF LEAKS IN YOUR BUILDING One of the most important benefits of silicone roof coatings is that they can stop leaks in their tracks. If your building

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Closed Cell Foam as an Air Barrier

With a proven performance record, ccSPF offers an integrated air barrier solution providing superior thermal insulation, while helping prevent moisture and air infiltration. The key elements affecting air infiltration are

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Cost of New Roof Installation

WHAT WILL YOUR NEW ROOF INSTALLATION COST? Commercial roof replacement is typically a two-step process. Remove the old roof, then install the new roof. Each step in the process has costs and hurdles

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Spray Foam 101 for the Consumer

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a durable and high performance plastic insulation.  There are a variety of SPF types including low density insulation (commonly referred to as “open cell”), medium density

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Single-Ply Roofs Aren’t Custom Made

GET A ROOF TAILOR-MADE FOR YOUR BUILDING Do you prefer to purchase things that are “cookie-cutter”, or custom-fitted for you? Whether we’re talking about clothes, a house, a car, or

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