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Are you looking for a green roof to help reduce your carbon footprint? Installing a green roof system on your building that contains actual plant life can greatly reduce your impact on the environment around your building. These green roofs absorb carbon dioxide – some of the carbon dioxide your own building produces – and then converts that into oxygen. A green roof protects the ozone layer, provides cleaner air in our cities, and also reduces the urban heat island effect. There are some very real considerations to keep in mind when looking at installing a living green roof on your building, however. Whether you’re considering a green roof for a new construction or renovation project, these concerns exist. Read on to review these concerns for yourself.

Green roof

Living roofs help the environment, but there are some concerns around them.


A green roof that is capable of supporting plant life can be very heavy, as in 16-60 lbs. per square foot. Can your existing or new building support this weight? You may need to work with your manufacturer to get an exact answer as to whether or not your building can handle the load.


Will your roof need to be modified structurally to support plant life? Will the flow of water work to irrigate each plant if rain is sparse? You’ll need to make sure you consult a professional before just throwing plants on your roof.


Now that you’ve got plants living on your green roof, you’ll need to maintain and take care of those plants on a regular basis. You don’t want to spend time and money preparing your roof to receive a green roof and then let everything die. You will need to determine if you can handle the maintenance and plant care for your green roof or if you need to hire a landscaper to take care of everything.

Another concern with maintenance: it means increased foot traffic on your roof. So you will need to consider the strength and durability of your roof from that perspective.


Installing a green roof on your building is a great way to help the environment, make your building very pretty, and reduce your carbon footprint. There are some basic concerns and difficulties that come along with installing a green roof that you’ll need to consider whether or not they are worth the struggle for you.

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