Inspections, Upkeep, and More: Fall Commercial Roof Maintenance

With all of the unexpected expenses that come as a business owner, roof repair and replacement is always a dreaded though. Always above our heads and out of sight, it’s easy to lose track of your roof and just how well it’s doing. So how long is too long for roof maintenance? What can you do to properly maintain your roof? With winter around the corner, this question couldn’t come at a better time. Today we’re going to go over a couple of tips for making sure your roof stays in peak form, doing what it does best.

Regular Roof Inspection

With the fall temperatures being a nice middle-ground between summer and winter, there’s no better time than ‘now’ to start up on your roof inspections. Most experts recommend that these occur twice a year, so make sure to do another inspection once springtime comes. When doing the inspection, make sure to look for damaged and loose tiles or shingles, and don’t forget all of the nooks and crannies. Eaves and joints are a hotspot for deterioration, and openings like vents and chimneys are really susceptible to damage as well. That section of your roof between the skylight and the tiles? It could be a leak waiting to ruin your day.

Don’t let that happen to you; do a full visual sweep of the roof twice a year!

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Nothing helps keep the wallet happy like preventative measures. Did you see any loose tiles while doing your inspection? Get that taken care of right away. It might be a bummer to spend the money getting it fixed up now, but problems with your roof can snowball into a horrible situation over a few months. And that problem will likely cost you much, much more. 

Watch out for Leaks

Whether or not you saw anything wrong with your roof, another thing that you should do regularly to make sure your business doesn’t turn into a temporary nightmare is to check for leaks. Walk the halls, scour the rooms, and don’t skip the closets. Keep your eyes out for black patches — these are a common sign of a leak that’s just getting started on messing your year up. If you see this, contact a professional roofer to fix that up immediately.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

Gutters are truly an important aspect of the roofing system, so it should be equally important to make sure that they’re in peak condition (especially before the wet and cold seasons hit us). By ensuring that water is appropriately routed, you can dodge backed up water. Without that function, that leftover water can absorb into your trim work and really start to wreak some havoc.

Gutter guards are an excellent option for preventing damage to your gutter system. Designed to allow draining while preventing debris, these guards can save you some serious time and trouble. This is particularly true if you have any foliage growing nearby — of course, still try to keep the flora trimmed down to help, but the guards are affordable enough that it can’t hurt to throw them in the mix.

Feel free to contact Pro-Seal with any additional questions!

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