HVAC & Ventilation with Spray Foam

Spray foam, ventilation and HVAC systems

Still relying on the classic rule-of-thumb sizing for your homes’ HVAC systems? You could be oversizing the HVAC system in your homes, meaning greater upfront construction costs as well as higher operating costs and discomfort for your clients.

Spray foam and ventilation

With tighter air sealing requirements, changes in building codes and higher R-value requirements, it is recommended home builders use the standard Manual J calculation to determine the home’s requirements and get accurate heating and cooling loads. Advantages include:

  • right-sizing of HVAC system
  • cost savings during construction
  • reduction in the home’s operating costs
  • proper distribution of heating and cooling on a roo- by-room basis

Appropriately combining spray foam and mechanical ventilation contributes to proper moisture control management, improved indoor air quality and a regulated air exchange.ASHRAE Standard 62.2 should be consulted to determine the mechanical ventilation requirements for each home.

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