How Silicone Beats Acrylic Coatings


When it comes to roof coatings, silicone and acrylic coatings really shouldn’t be compared. Sure, they are both liquid-applied roofing systems, but that’s where the comparisons stop. From this point on, it’s nothing but contrasts because the two materials are extremely different.

silicone beats acrylic

No system can compete with silicone when it comes to ease of installation.

Silicone Beats Acrylic inInstallation

When installed, acrylic roof coatings require a primer coat in almost every application. These primers can be expensive for the materials, and they also get expensive as you either install them yourself or have a contractor install them. It’s simply another step that takes time and money.

Once the roof is primed, acrylic coatings require two coats to achieve proper thickness and performance. This is again, more time and money that you’d like to hang onto if possible. This isn’t just sometimes that acrylics need two coats, either, nearly every single project with acrylic coatings will need two coats of material plus a primer.

In contrast, silicone roof coatings rarely need a primer and rarely need two coats. Our system can be installed up to a thickness of 40 mils in a single coat, which is about as thick as you’d ever want the silicone to be. So, rather than going over your roof three times to prime and apply two coats, you have to go over your roof one time. Much easier.

Silicone Beats Acrylic in Performance

Once each coating is applied, the best part is that silicone still beats acrylic in performance. Not only are their time and money savings at installation, but also once the coatings are installed.

Silicone beats acrylic in reflectivity, reflecting nearly 90% of UV rays back into the atmosphere, which extends the life of the coating itself while keeping your building cooler and reducing energy costs. Silicone is also much less likely to leak because it adheres to the substrate and itself better than acrylic does. It forms a much stronger bond that doesn’t pull apart under pressure.

Finally, silicone beats acrylic coatings in terms of it’s resistance of ponding water. When exposed to pondign water, acrylic coatings will start to break down and peel up from the roof, while silicone coatings are unaffected by ponding water. This is perhaps the biggest way silicone beats acrylic, you don’t have to worry about ponding water.


Silicone beats acrylic at installation in terms of ease and cost, and also beats acrylic after installation in terms of reflectivity, leak prevention, resisting ponding water, and in other ways we didn’t cover. If you’ve ever used an acrylic coating, give our silicone coatings a try to see how much they outperform acrylic and what they can do for you.

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