We’ve already covered the fact that spray foam is a great product in new construction, but why is it so great and such a benefit in new construction situations? Let’s look at three main reasons that make spray foam an ideal fit for new construction.

Insulation Capabilities

A Spray foam roof is the most well-insulated roofing product available today. When you install it, you can actually forgo installing traditional insulation and work with only the spray foam. You will most likely need to install some sort of board to give them foam a completely smooth surface to spray to, but installing that board pails in comparison to installing traditional insulation. In addition to the insulating capabilities of foam, the board will typically carry some R-value as well, increasing the efficiency of your roof. You get a very well-insulated roof for a fraction of the labor.

A fully-adhered spray foam roof can resist wind uplift better than any other system.

Wind Uplift Protection

Sadly, wind uplift is a common problem with commercial buildings. If strong winds come through the area, it is not uncommon for sections of the roof to be blown off in the wind. In fact, it is not uncommon for the entire roof to be removed, which is an obvious problem for the building owner. Rather installing a roof that is susceptible to wind uplift and in 15 years applying foam to protect yourself, install the foam roof right now. Spray foam is rarely affected by wind uplift, so capitalize on this protection now.


The final benefit we’ll discuss in this post is the renewability of spray foam. A thin, protective layer of coating is applied to the foam once it is cured. This coating is very often silicone. A roof coating provides protection from UV rays, which are just about the only force that can damage spray foam. This coating can be re-applied every 15-20 years to give new life and new protection to the foam. There is essentially no limit to how long the foam can last if this coating stays in place.

Renewability is just one green aspect of spray foam roofs. Spray foam can pay for itself through energy savings in as little as 4.5 years on some commercial projects.


Spray foam offers many great benefits to building owners, including saving time, increasing safety, and saving money. Don’t wait to apply spray foam in a retrofit application; install spray foam now and capitalize on the benefits for as long a period of time as possible.

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