Extend Roof Life with a Silicone Roof Coating


We truly believe that one of the best ways to enhance the performance of and extend roof life is to install and properly maintain a silicone roof coating. The coating, as we’ve said before, goes directly over top of your existing roof, provides almost completely leak-free protection (occasionally a leak will spring up), and lasts up to 20 years under warranty!

Extend roof life

The slope of this roof is probably too steep to receive a silicone roof coating.

Finding the Right Fit

We believe that silicone roof coatings are the best roofing product available and are the future of the roofing industry, but they aren’t right in every single situation – no roofing product is. With that in mind, you have to make sure that your roofing project is a good fit for silicone roof coatings and they will be able to help you extend roof life. The building and roof have to be in good structural condition; silicone doesn’t add any strength to the building, it basically adopts the building’s properties when it is installed. So, make sure you roof is flat, and your building is strong enough for a silicone roof coating before beginning any project.

Extend Roof Life through Proper Maintenance

Once installed, it is imperative to properly maintain a silicone roof coating to receive maximum benefits and extend roof life. Unfortunately, you can’t simply install the roof and wait 20 years to ever touch it again. While it requires less maintenance than most other systems, you still have to maintain a silicone roof coating to get maximum results and the maximum lifetime. You should regularly inspect your roof, repair any cracks or holes with a 100% silicone caulk, and that is about it. You can properly maintain a silicone roof coating with nothing more than a tube of caulk and a rag.


To install and maintain a silicone roof coating is to make a very wise choice for your roof. You will save money, get great results, and be very happy with your choice for years to come. As long as you ensure your building is a legitimate candidate for a roof coating and as long as you maintain it, your new roof will last a very long time.

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