Developing a Set of Emergency Plans


It’s not something we like to think about, but disasters, be they natural or man-inflicted, can strike at any time. You never know when a fire will break out in your building, when a tornado will sweep through the area, or when other disasters will occur. While these aren’t fun to think about, they are events that we must take into consideration when ensuring the safety of our building’s inhabitants. Follow these tips whenever developing emergency plans for your building to keep everyone safe.

Emergency plans

Have you developed a set of emergency plans for your building?

Write them Before they Happen

Emergency plans are all too often written in response to a disaster, rather than being written beforehand. It’s hard to foresee what type of disaster will strike in your building, but it’s important to do your best to be prepared. Fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, and intruder scenarios are all situations that you can prepare for. It’s important that you develop a set of emergency plans for each of these potential events to keep your building safe.

Write them Clearly and Post them

Plans that are confusing, difficult to read, and can’t be easily accessed might as well not be written. Your occupants need to understand the plans and know where to find them to ensure that they accomplish the goal of emergency plans.

Practice Your Emergency Plans

Once you’ve planned, written and posted your emergency plans, it’s time to practice them. This can feel tedious or like a waste of time, but it’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the plans, because when things go wrong it’s much easier to forget the plans than it is to remember them. Practicing gives your occupants a better chance of executing the emergency plans if need be.


Developing emergency plans, and then following through by posting them and practicing them, is a key way to keep your building’s occupants safe. Don’t consider it a waste of time, consider it an effective method for keeping your employees, customers, guests, and neighbors safe.

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