Cool Your Building Down


When your roof absorbs heat from the atmosphere, it transfers that heat to the inside of your building and heats up the entire building. This not only makes your building uncomfortably hot, but it means you have to spend more money on keeping the building cool. Reflective coatings counteract this effect and allow your building to stay cooler, even when the sun beats down on it.

Reducing Heat Entering the Building

cool your building downThe most significant way silicone roof coatings can keep your building cooler is by preventing heat from entering the building at all. A reflective roof coating reflects the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere and doesn’t let them penetrate your roof. Typically, the sun beats down on your roof, which allows the heat into your building, which heats up the entire inside. Silicone coatings reflect about 90% of the sun’s rays away from your building, and that means your building stays much cooler and more comfortable.

Save Money and Stay Comfortable

While your building stays cooler and you stay comfortable, you also save money by using your AC unit less. Everyone who’s ever paid the electric bill knows that during the summer, your AC unit works harder. Your electric bill goes up and your AC gets rather expensive to operate. Reflective coatings naturally keep your building warmer through reflectivity. This saves you money by reducing the amount of energy your AC unit has to expend.

In addition to saving money on your electric bill, running the AC unit less in the summer means that it will last longer and run more efficiently during its life. It will have significantly less wear and tear on it over the course of a lifetime than a unit that has to constantly battle the heat of the sun.


Silicone roof coatings serve many purposes, and one of them is to cool your building down. There is nothing like working in a comfortable environment during a hot summer day. You can have that experience for less money with reflective roof coatings on your building.

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