The cost of replacing a roof is often seen as an unavoidable expense. My roof is bad, so I have to tear it off and replace it, right? That’s our only option, right? Wrong. You do have another option, a silicone roof coating. But if you don’t utilize a silicone roof coating and go the traditional roof replacement route, these are some of the expenses you can expect.

Tearing Off the Old Roof

Many times seen as a necessary evil, tearing off the old roof usually accompanies traditional roof replacement. A silicone coating eliminates the need for tear-off, but if you go the traditional route you will likely incur this expense. Tearing off the roof is primarily a labor expense, but the hours can add up and it can be a major expense. You also have to pay for the dumpsters and the hauling off of the material. Those are just the direct costs to you; not even mentioning the delays that can occur and the harm to the environment.

Installing a New Deck

If you’re changing roofing systems, you may have to replace the roof deck. You may also find that you can’t properly work on the deck once tearing off the outer roof and have to remove the deck for safety reasons. Again, this multiplies the amount of labor required to complete your project.

traditional roof replacement
Tear-off takes time and is expensive. The more of it you do, the more money required.


Tearing off the roof will expose the insulation to the elements, and will generally damage the insulation in the process. Putting damaged insulation back into the roof will result in energy losses, so you’ll likely have to replace the insulation. Material and labor costs apply here.

New Material

Tearing off a roof and replacing it with another material (often the same material) to do the same job sounds crazy, but people do it all the time. The cost of the new roofing material grows as the size of the project grows. The better roofing system you choose, the more expensive the material.


Of course, every stage above incurs labor expenses. The larger your building, the more labor, and therefore money, required. Labor for tear-off, installing a new deck, removing and replacing insulation, and installing the new roof are all labor-intensive tasks. By electing to go the route of traditional roof replacement, you’re spending significantly more money than if you went with a silicone RCR system.


As you consider a traditional roof replacement, keep in mind all of the various ways in which it costs you money. Most traditional roof replacement options have become obsolete in terms of performance and price. To learn more about our alternatives to traditional replacement methods, contact us today.

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