If you’re looking to decrease your building and roof maintenance budget, then the answer might be a large one-time expenditure.

A roofing system that has to be replaced every 15-20 years is an expense that should be amortized across multiple years. This means that even in years that you don’t need a new roofing system, you’re still setting money aside for that new roof. This can drive up your roofing budget significantly. Utilizing a roofing system such as a silicone roof restoration that can be recoated every 20 years eliminates that major expenditure in the future.

Saving money
Instead of a roof that has to be torn off, choosing a system that can be recoated will save you money

Planning for the Future

Installing a roof coating is more expensive than nothing, but less expensive than a new roof. So, if you need a new roof anyways, then a roof coating is a no-brainer. A roof coating (silicone in particular) is a great way to plan to lower expenses in the future by lowering the largest expenditure – replacement – every 15-20 years. Recoatinga silicone roof coating is far less expensive than tearing off and replacing your roof.

You Need a Roof Anyways

We’re not asking you to put a roof coating on a brand new, perfectly good roof. We’re asking you to consider a silicone coating the next time you have to replace your roof anyways. When your roof is old, worn out, out of warranty, or leaking, then look at a silicone roof coating. You need to spend money to get your roof back into gear anyways. Why not spend 50% less money and get a more cost-effective roof while you’re at it?


If you need a new roof anyways, which eventually, every building does, then go for the silicone roof coating. It is a great way to start saving money on your roofing budget by eliminated the need for a roof replacement down the road.

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